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The power of nature

I rely on nature’s power. At Je bent mooi..! I translate this belief into the MCLEAN CURLSYS® cutting technique and the classic cutting technique. These cutting techniques support the natural shape and lines of the hair. In addition I use the natural hair colouring by JOICO and NATULIQUE at the salon. To me beautiful hair is about shape, style and high-quality colouring. A combination of specific, natural ingredients in the colouring protects and restores the hair. It doesn’t damage the hair.


Dye or rinse

In the salon I advise a permanent colouring (dye) or semi-permanent colouring (rinse) based on your needs and wishes. For the dyes I work with the JOICO Vero K-Pak Color System and NATULIQUE, which is 100% free from ammonia. JOICO Vero K-Pak Chrome is the rinse. All the colouring I use in the salon ensures a high transparency of the own hair. That creates a natural effect with soft colour nuances. After being coloured the hair has the same natural look as non-dyed hair.

To me beautiful hair is about shape, style and high-quality colouring.

JOICO Vero K-Pack Color System

The JOICO Vero K-Pack Color System is a permanent colouring and a revolutionary colouring system. With this system I can create any desired colour by blending various pure shades together. The result is that you will never have a standard hair colour, but one that matches your wishes exactly and that complements your skin tone. The system contains the Quadramine complex, which consists of natural keratin and the K-Pak technology, that repair both the internal hair structure and the external cuticle. The colour molecules penetrate the hair deeply and quickly. This results in a long-lasting, vibrant colour and a beautiful sheen. The hair looks naturally coloured and healthy. The unique formula does not damage the hair, partly due to the pre-products that offer the hair extra protection before the colouring process. The natural ingredients nurture the hair intensely and make it healthier. The transparent, mild colouring covers all hairs – even 100% of grey hairs – and slowly fades over time, meaning roots won’t show.


JOICO Vero K-Pack Chrome

The semi permanent rinse by JOICO contains a very low percentage of hydrogen peroxide and is free from ammonia. This rinse acts on the cuticle, the outer layer of the hair. Just like JOICO’s permanent colouring it slowly fades and even covers grey hairs up to 90-95%. Even without a permanent dye you enjoy a lasting natural, vibrant hair colour that suits you perfectly.



The colouring by NATULIQUE is entirely free from ammonia, resorcinol, parabens and PPD. All unnecessary chemicals likely to damage the hair have been removed from the colour formulas. In addition the brand strives to use as many certified organic ingredients as possible in its hair products, both in the colouring and in the styling products, which are also available at Je bent mooi..!. These products contain many nutrients and vitamins and because of their natural properties they have a healing and nurturing effect on the hair. NATULIQUE is ECO-certified, protects the hair and the scalp optimally and covers grey hairs 100%.

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