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Suited to your hair and personality

Besides the MCLEAN CURLSYS® cutting technique, I also apply the classic cutting technique at my salon Je bent mooi..!. Using the classic technique I cut a beautiful base in your hair, leaving you with good foundations that ensure every day will be a good hair day for you. During the comprehensive intake we will discuss whether this technique suits your hair and personality.


Vidal Sassoon

The classic cutting technique I use at the salon is inspired by Vidal Sassoon’s technique. Vidal Sassoon was hairdresser to the stars. Famous names like Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor formed his customer base. He was one of the most innovative people ever to have worked in the world of hairdressing. In 2012 he died aged 84.

Vidal Sassoon: ‘To sculpt a head of hair with scissors is an art form. It’s in pursuit of art’.

Cutting as an art form

Vidal Sassoon is the inventor of creative, geometric hairstyles. He sculpted every type of hair with his scissors and created hairstyles that were easy to style. Everything revolved around the cutting technique, resulting in low-maintenance hair.


Hairdressser Christiaan

Vidal Sassoon’s vision ties in perfectly with my vision on cutting hair. Hairdresser Christiaan, the leading hairdresser in Amsterdam, is a follower of Vidal Sassoon. He travels the globe and works for international stars, fashion houses and magazines. I spent three months training with him and I learned to look at the shape of the skull, how to follow that shape as I cut, but also to look carefully at how the hair grows from the scalp. According to Hairdresser Christiaan hair is a reflection of the soul.

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Joanna Jaarsveld (24), Psychology Student, Amsterdam

“I think I’ve been a customer at Je bent mooi..! for some 8 years now. My mother was a satisfied customer there and advised me to give it a try. My hair had never been cut so well! Ronald cuts my hair once a year, using the classic cutting technique and once a year using the MCLEAN CURLSYS®-technique. At home I wash it, dry it and that’s all I have to do with it. It just sits perfectly. However, I am a student and it is quite costly for me to visit this salon. That’s why I went to a different salon once. A week later I was back at Ronald’s. Many people visit their hairdresser once every three months and then pay 50 Euros a time. I go to Ronald’s twice a year and I do pay more per visit, but in total it costs me around about the same as four visits to a different hairdresser. And I always look forward to my visits to Ronald. It’s two hours of warm and cosy chatting. After all these years we’ve started to build a relationship. Ronald remembers the things I’ve told him and the next time I see him, he asks me how that’s going. That makes me feel good.”

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