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Natural Haircuts and Colouring

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  • Welcome to Je bent mooi..!. My name is Ronald Julsing. I’ve been in the hairdressing business for over 40 years now. I’ve travelled the world with scissors in hand, cut people’s hair at their homes and submerged myself in a wide variety of salon concepts, both at home and abroad. Enriched by all these experiences and with a strong personal vision I opened Je bent mooi..!. in 2007. At my salon I work from the principle of natural haircuts and colouring. The salon is centrally located in the bustling Amsterdam Westerpark neighbourhood, bordering on the Jordaan, and has excellent public transport links.


Je bent mooi..!

You’re beautiful! Everyone’s beautiful, because each person is unique. I emphasise and enhance your unique, natural beauty with a haircut that meets your wishes and perfectly matches your personality and face shape. During the comprehensive intake I find out who you are and what your view is on life, your likes and dislikes, your expectations and the look you are after. At Je bent mooi..! we always take the time to give you all the care and attention you deserve to accentuate your unique, natural beauty with a natural hairstyle that holds its shape and requires little maintenance. Have a browse through my website to see the treatments I offer and the brands I work with. You can also come to Je bent mooi..! for your makeup. With the 100% mineral makeup by Mineralogie you can choose a partial or a complete makeover.


My mission

It has been my mission for over 40 years to offer both men and women a hairstyle that truly suits them. A hairstyle that is not subject to fashion trends, without artificial colourings and frivolities. Pure hair. A hairstyle that represents who you are, that underlines your unique personality, that sits naturally and is created using 100% natural products. Your hairstyle is an essential part of how you feel. A well-cut hairstyle balances you. You feel good about yourself. You feel beautiful.



Impossible hair

Do you think you have impossible hair? I don’t believe there is such a thing as impossible hair. I don’t see problems; merely challenges. I promise you that I can tame your hair and that you will leave the salon with self-confidence and with a hairstyle that perfectly fits with who you are.


Cutting techniques: classic and MCLEAN CURLSYS®

At Je bent mooi...! we offer you the classic cutting technique according to Vidal Sassoon and the MCLEAN CURLSYS® cutting technique. I am one of the few hairdressers in The Netherlands to hold the title Master of MCLEAN CURLSYS®. This cutting technique is suitable for any type of hair and the ideal technique for cutting curly hair. It gives your hair lightness, structure and volume.

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Would you like to find out what I can do for your hair? Come and enjoy a relaxing head and neck massage and the luxurious Shiatsu-massage chair during each hairdressing treatment. Phone 020 - 681 65 09 for an appointment or fill in the contact form.

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Marcel Thoen (46), Business Development Expert, Amsterdam

“On the advice of my girlfriend I paid my first visit to Je bent mooi..! two years ago. My girlfriend was, to put it mildly, wildly enthusiastic. She worshipped Ronald almost as a saint. Eventually I succumbed: I had to find out what it was that sparked such enthusiasm. I understood on my very first visit. Ronald’s not only a very good hairdresser; he really takes a good look at your hair and gives you his full attention. He asks you what you want and looks at what suits you, what your hair needs and what will make your hair healthier. Sometimes he won’t do something, because it’s not good for your hair. When I walk out of the salon after my appointment, I feel good. I feel beautiful. Ronald lives up to the name of his salon. My hair sits naturally thanks to the cutting technique he uses. After a visit to the salon people often remark that there’s something different about me, but they don’t see that I’ve just had a haircut. It’s the confirmation that Ronald has a perfect sense of what suits me and succeeds in enhancing my personality with my hair.”

Jolanda (40), Organisational Adviser, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel

“At other hairdressers’ I don’t often feel welcome. They’ve made remarks about my thin and poor hair. They said there was nothing they could do with it. And so I preferred not to go to the hairdresser’s at all anymore. My friend advised me to go see Ronald. I looked up the salon on Google first and I read through the reviews before I decided to give it a try. Ronald didn’t make any unpleasant remarks, in fact, he saw possibilities and I immediately trusted his expertise. The MCLEAN CURLSYS® cutting technique does wonders for my hair. On top of his knowledge and skills Ronald is simply a very pleasant person. He tunes into me, listens to what I want with my hair, takes time for me and is never rushed. We have engaging conversations, sometimes even about my dating adventures, and he often offers me good advice. The salon is tastefully decorated and the fact that he pays great attention to the atmosphere made me feel he would pay the same attention to my hair, as well. The massage chair at the washbasin is also very nice. In the past, after a visit to the hairdresser, I would put my head under the tap the moment I got home, because I didn’t like how it had been blow-dried. Ronald really listens and styles my hair exactly how I like it: scruffy and not too pristine. It takes me an hour by public transport to get there and another hour to get back again, but I am happy to do it. I hope Ronald never retires!”

Mehnaaz Abidi, Director at a technology company, Amsterdam

“I had read online that Ronald is a specialist in MCLEAN CURLSYS®. My natural hair was curly but I had been straightening it for a while. I was hoping Ronald could return my hair to its natural beauty. So I visited him for the first time in 2018 and since then every 1-2 months, based on the growth speed of my hair. His salon is so pretty and meditative. My first impression of Ronald was that he really understood the world of hair management. He transformed my damaged hair to a gorgeous and easy to manage curly style. Haven’t thought of another hairstylist since then. He is an amazing person with the best stories and a hair magician. Not only does he know how to style and maintain my hair but I also found the best hair products in his salon.”

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