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Natural Haircuts and Colouring

Top hairstylist Ronald Julsing, sees all hair types as an exciting challenge. He has mastered every cutting technique there is, from classic to contemporary. Curly hair is his speciality.

Ronald’s unparalleled successful approach is based on 40 years of experience and permanent retraining. But even more so, it is based on his exceptionally keen eye for the right balance between hair, skin and shape of the face.

He can transform any hair type into a hairstyle that is perfect for you: a natural hairstyle that keeps its shape and is low maintenance.

This is all down to his expertise and the use of high quality, 100% natural products.

At Je bent mooi..! everything revolves around time, care and attention for our customer. Each treatment begins with a thorough analysis of your hair and a consultation on the hairstyle you desire.

Each treatment is also evaluated. Ronald Julsing takes great pride in maintaining a long-term relationship of trust with his customers.

A head and neck massage and a soothing Shiatsu chair massage are included in each treatment.

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