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The team

My name is Ronald Julsing and together with my wife Sari Soikkeli the owners at Je bent mooi..!

Sari is the hostess with the mostess, making sure you want for nothing during your visit to the salon. While I focus fully on you and your hair, Sari also takes care of the look and décor of the place.

Ronald Julsing

About me

I am of the hippie generation. I have traded in my long hair for a shorter hairstyle now, but I am familiar with the challenges that come with finding a good hairstyle and a good hairdresser. Growing up I tried out many hairdressers and many times my hair was ruined. So many times, in fact, that I decided I could do a better job of cutting hair than those hairdressers. It turned out I had the talent for it. I began with my own hair, my sisters’ hair and that of friends. News of my side job travelled fast and pretty soon I was even receiving phone calls from people I’d never met. That was quite scary at first, but I did it and it went well. Besides, I enjoyed it! In fact, I enjoyed it so much that at 17 I decided to quit my technology studies.


When I was 18 I fulfilled my military service. Mine was the first generation of conscripts who were allowed to keep their hair long. It didn’t take long for the men in the barracks to find me. I spent all my spare time cutting hair and my customer base kept growing. After my military service I hitchhiked my way around Europe, cutting hair as I went along. Those were wonderful days! With nothing more than an entrepreneurial diploma to my name, I decided to enrol at the hairdressing academy. That is where I learned all the classic techniques, including wash & set and working with rollers. I didn’t feel at home there and I had a different vision on cutting hair. I wanted to cut hair in such a way that it would look as though someone never went to a hairdresser. My aim was to create a natural looking hairstyle that fit the person, kept its shape for a long time and required little maintenance. That vision combined with technical cutting is to this day the premise from which we work at Je bent mooi..!. Both for me and Janine.

Fun facts

  • I enjoy good food and am far from a picky eater. Just as I do with hair, I choose pure, fresh and natural food with no frills. Food is good when it is prepared with love, by passionate people.
  • Every spring Sari and I travel to Italy. We love the country, the superb food and the beautiful wines.
  • Finland is our destination in summer and Sari’s country of origin. Nature, beauty and pureness are at the heart of this country. It is the perfect environment for us to recharge and gain new inspiration.
  • I am a born optimist and not susceptible to stress.
  • I don’t easily find anything impossible. I see a challenge in everything.