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NATULIQUE believes in working towards a better world and better and healthier hair. The brand realises this by being as conscious and sustainable as possible. It has a number of focal points:

  • Natural and organic ingredients.
  • Exclusive to professionals: the products are only available at the salon, so the professional can advise you on what suits you best.
  • Responsible marketing and production: environmentally friendly solutions for the production, packaging and marketing materials.
  • Animal welfare: the products are not tested on animals. The brand covers a number of products that are vegan certified. These products are 100% free from animal substances. The other products only contain animal substances that have been produced naturally and obtained without cruelty to animals.
  • 360 BIOCERT Standard: this standard lists the requirements for the organic and natural production, the ingredients and quality, and the regulations for sustainable packaging and green production. 360BIOCERT excludes animal testing, modern slavery and child labour.

Je bent mooi..!

You can purchase the colouring and styling products by NATULIQUE at Je bent mooi..!. The products are all natural. The colouring is free from ammonia and for the most part free from PPD. PPD may cause allergic reactions.


The Danish company was founded by Stig and Mette in 1998. They were confronted with various health problems of their own and in their family, which could be attributed to toxins, harmful chemicals and pesticides in cosmetic products. Their mission was to produce reliable, safer and cleaner cosmetics. They developed effective natural and organic products in a safe and responsible environment. All the products are sustainably produced in Denmark, using wind power.

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The styling products by NATULIQUE are available at Je bent mooi..!. Would you like to find out what NATULIQUE can do for your hair and would you like advice? Are you interested in a colour treatment with NATULIQUE? Phone 020 - 681 65 09 or fill in the contact form.

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To avoid being charged, please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.


Lysanne Meijer (62), Psychologist, Amsterdam

“My aunt was a customer at Ronald’s for many years. Her hair was always beautiful: a good hairstyle and naturally coloured. I wanted that too, so I made an appointment at Je bent mooi..!. Now that I am growing older, I greatly value natural colouring with natural products. In my job I work with young people; I don’t want those grey hairs. What is equally as important, in my opinion, is the personal approach at the salon. When I came in the first time, Ronald welcomed me by my first name. He always takes time for you, looks carefully, ask me what I would like. He is genuinely interested and we have good chats. If I don’t feel like talking, that’s fine too. I don’t feel like just a number here, which has happened to me in other, bigger salons at times. At home I also use the care and styling products on sale at the salon. Ronald cuts my hair alternately with the classic cutting technique and the MCLEAN CURLSYS® technique. My hair – just like my aunt’s - always looks good.”

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