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Besides being a hairdresser Ronald Julsing is also an expert make-up artist. He received his training from the famous make-up artist Niels Jansen. Ronald will make you up in a way that accentuates and complements the natural beauty of your face.

This natural look is also enhanced by the beauty products Ronald uses: 100% mineral make-up and the highly balanced, 100% organic Phyto5 skincare line.

You have the choice between a total makeover, for whatever occasion, or a small, so-called touch-up to complement your own make-up.

Even without actually doing your make-up for you Ronald can give you useful and effective advice on the use of mineral make-up and how to apply it.
The same goes for the
Phyto5 skincare line. This advice is free of charge.

Both the make-up and the skincare products may be purchased at Je bent mooi..!. They fit in beautifully with the natural and refined feel of all our treatments and products.



Je bent mooi..!’s make-up and skincare products


  • Mineral make-up
    Natural make-up that does not damage your health, does not suffocate the skin and minimises the risk of irritation. That is the essence of mineralogy. And that is exactly why this make-up is perfectly suited to sensitive, more mature skin and to people with acne. It is not without reason that skin therapists and make-up artists recommend this make-up.

The 100% mineral make-up gives a beautiful, smooth finish. Because the minerals blend in with the skin, you neither feel nor see the make-up. Thanks to the special formula of plant extracts, vegetable oils and minerals the skin receives optimum treatment.

  • Nail polish

The quick-drying, long-lasting, easy to apply nail polishes by Perfect chic have a smooth finish and a beautiful shine and do not contain the five infamous, toxic chemicals. There is a wide range of fashionable, trendy colours for you to choose from.


  • Phyto5

Phyto5 is world leader in energetic, 100% organic and holistic skincare. The Phyto5 skincare products contain no ingredients that might harm your skin and the results are truly remarkable.

The results are comparable to the effects of artificial, invasive rejuvenation methods.

The rich bouquet comes from a balanced formula of plant extracts and essential, high quality oils.

Phyto5 is based on traditional Chinese medicine and is produced in Switzerland.


Phyto5 also has an anti-aging line which, as a full treatment package, can be purchased at Je bent mooi..!. We also sell the products separately.


  • The Phytocure food supplements complete the range. These supplements are an addition to Je bent mooi..!’s natural hair and skincare products.




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