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high quality natural products

Natural’ is the key at Je bent mooi..!

The hair care products we use and sell at Je bent mooi..! are almost all made up exclusively of pure, natural ingredients. Whether they are shampoos, conditioners, masks or styling products. The products are kind on your skin, do not contain soap or phosphates and are only very mildly scented.
This is the only way to guarantee beautiful, shiny hair, for the long-term too.

Je bent mooi..! has four carefully selected hair care lines. Depending on hair type and skin structure Ronald Julsing advises one of these four ranges. It goes without saying that none of these ranges have been tested on animals.

Ronald is an expert at recognising scalp problems such as hair loss, psoriasis and eczema. Ronald also has solutions at hand for those suffering from alopecia, in the way of products that safely stimulate hair growth.



The four hair care product lines at Je bent mooi..!


Mediceuticals are produced by Mediceuticals Laboratories, a certified pharmaceutical company specialised in products for people with hair and skin problems.

But Mediceuticals are also extremely beneficial to healthy hair and a healthy scalp.
All products are pH-balanced, contain wax, oil and grease-free and sls-free formulas and offer the hair optimum protection against discolouration.

  • Fuente

Fuente is a natural, refined hair care line. Fuente products contain no parabens and are the ideal combination of pure organic, natural ingredients and plant extracts.

  • Senscience

The Senscience hair care line offers exclusive products that have been developed to improve the hair’s structure and repair and nourish the hair.

The products are enriched with Vitalock-6, a mixture of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, olive and coconut oil, sugars en proteins.

  • O’right

The ingredients in the O’right products are all purely organic and ECO-certified. The products are free from all possible artificial additives, such as sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances and colouring.




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