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Je bent mooi..! uses hair dyes that protect and restore the hair instead of damaging it. This is due to a combination of specific, natural ingredients.

You have the choice between the JOICO Vero K-PakColor system or Natulique, which is 100% free of ammonia.
If you prefer a colour rinse, we will treat your hair with Joico Vero K-Pak Chrome.

The hair dyes create a high level of transparency of the hair. This means that after colouring soft tones appear, leaving the hair looking just as natural as non-dyed hair.

Je bent mooi..!’s colour lines


  • Joico

The JOICO Vero K-PackColor system is a revolution in colouring. Because of the addition of the Quadramine-complex and the K-Pak-technology both the internal hair structure and the external hair cuticles are restored. The deep and rapid penetration of the colour molecules into the hair results in a brilliant colour and shine and a long-lasting effect.


  • Natulique

The Natulique colours are completely free of ammonia, resorcinol, parabens and ppd. Natulique is ECO-certified and gives the hair optimum protection, whilst covering grey hair 100%.


  • Colour rinse Joico Vero K-Pack Chrome

The JOICO colour rinse contains a very low percentage of hydrogen peroxide and is free of ammonia. The rinse colours the outer layer of cuticles and fades very slowly. So even without a permanent dye this colour rinse offers you long enjoyment of a different hair colour.



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